Interview with Karina Latcu

  1. Karina, tell us a bit about you. Why did you choose to go into the business field?

I was born and raised in Timisoara, Romania, and immigrated to Canada in 2006 with my mom. Since then, we had been living in a quiet neighbourhood in Stoney Creek. I attend Brock University for the Bachelor of Business Administration Co-Op International Dual Degree program and just finished my second year. I highly enjoy the program, as well as the university! I chose to complete my undergrad in the business field because I enjoy taking on a challenge, being a leader, being an innovator, and the wide variety of career choices I can pursue after my studies.

  1. How do you plan to use your studies to achieve your future career plans?

I have always been a dedicated student. I absolutely love learning new things every day and expanding my knowledge. My program has taught me more about the business field than I could have ever imagined. I cherish the knowledge I obtain and use it to plan my future.

  1. What do you hope to do after you graduate?

After I obtain my undergraduate degree, I would like to pursue a master’s degree in business administration. In terms of a career path, I hope to work within the travel industry, and more specifically, the airline industry. Travelling had always been a passion of mine. While I keep travelling throughout my life, I would like to have a part in spreading the way travelling makes me feel to others.

  1. How did the ORCA Student Grant help you achieve your academic goals?

 The ORCA Student Grant had helped me tremendously with paying for my university tuition expenses, and I am very thankful for it to this day. It had also encouraged me to apply to other student grants and scholarships after showing me that I am capable of obtaining them.

  1. Can you share with us how you found the application process for the ORCA Student Grant?

 The application process for the ORCA Student Grant was very straightforward. Writing the essay was truly gratifying as it required me to reflect on my Romanian culture and childhood. It had sparked a lot of nostalgic conversation between my mom and I.

  1. What do you do for fun, when you are not studying?

 On my free time, I enjoy travelling to new places, camping, volunteering, hiking, being at the beach, and any other outdoor activity. I also like participating in outdoor sports such as beach volleyball, badminton, soccer, and canoeing. During the winter, I like to go skating outdoors and read at the library.

  1. I notice you have quite a bit of volunteering experience. Some related to your field and some for the Romanian Community. What other events you would like to see taking place among the Romanian Community?

I am very impressed with the efforts being placed towards organizing events within the Romanian Community. As an addition, I would like to see an ORCA Romanian festival taking place in the summer in a park. I would be happy to volunteer with the activities involved in getting vendors, music, and authentic Romanian food providers together.

  1. What would you recommend for those interested in applying next year for the Student Grant?

I would definitely tell them that placing aside the amount of time required to complete the ORCA Student Grant application is worth it. Writing the essay is sure to bring back memories and allows for reflection on our beautiful Romanian culture.

  1. Have you considered becoming an ORCA Youth member?

I have considered becoming an ORCA Youth Member following the ORCA Christmas Party I attended! It was very enjoyable meeting the current members and seeing how each of these members bonded. I will do my research on how I can get involved, especially now in the summer as I have more free time.

  1. Is there anything else you would like to add?

 If I could suggest just one thought to all Romanians in Canada, I would bring up the importance of holding tightly onto our Romanian culture and sharing it with others. Get involved in Romanian activities, expand your language knowledge, and do not let your roots slip away. This is why I am thankful for organizations such as ORCA. It brings a little piece of Romania to this side of the world.

Interview by: Ana Vintan